The Internship: Movie Review

Movie Review

“Welcome to Google. This will not be your average internship.” –Mr. Chetty

The Internship

It all started with the two main characters Nick and Billy (Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson). These guys were businessmen. They sell watches. To cut the story short, the company of Billy and Nick got bankrupt. So eventually both of them lose their job. After that, in one of the early scene of the movie Billy and Nick were having a video-conference with two recruiters from Google. And mind you, they used a computer in a public library! lol!

But wait, let’s go back a bit. Because Billy and Nick were jobless and after a long night of Googling the “jobs for people with no skills”, Billy stumbles upon Google’s competitive internship program and signs up for himself and his buddy for an interview.  This scene is kind of funny. In their interview, both protagonists were battling away the children who want to get on the public computer. So, both of them shout at top-volume into the screen, despite the fact that the recruiters already told them that they can hear them.

Billy and Nick jam their head close together like an old show team posing for a manic promotional photograph and jabber right into the camera, displaying not only obvious technical incompetence but unashamedly embarrassing need. But miraculously, after the disaster in their interview both Billy and Nick are chosen to join the Internship summer program at the Google headquarters in Mountain View, California. They will compete with other “Noogler”. That’s what they call the interns. The funny part is that, Billy and Nick were the oldest in the group. At the end of the summer, only the chosen group of interns will get a job in Google.

The college kids assigned in Billy and Nick’s team immediately treat them with disdain and disrespect. There is this one scene when Billy has an idea for an App, which already exists. He keeps on saying after you take a picture with your phone; you put it “on the line”. The internship program was run by Mr. Chetty, played amazingly by Aasif Mandvi. Mr. Chetty is a cold, frightening, and unapproachable. The other members of Billy and Nick’s team are played by Tiya Sircar, Dylan O’Brien, Tobit Raphael, and Josh Brener.

Okay, now let us describe the characters. The script defines every character smartly, following them on similar journeys of transformation over the course of the summer.

So now let’s start with Tobit Raphael, who played the role of Yo Yo. His character is a kid who was pressured by his mother to be the best that he picks at his eyebrows each time he fails. In the end of the film, he only has one eyebrow. Lol!

Tiya Sircar, played a bubbly young woman role who talks about a big game about her sexy cosplays only to reveal in a later scene that she never had a boyfriend, and all of her experiences are figments of imaginations.

Dylan O’Briens, played the role of Steward, a serious young man who can barely drag his eyes up from his phone. He displays the practical doubt of a generation that knows that graduating from college is not a guarantee of anything.

At first, the team did not bond well, and nobody wants Billy and Nick slowing them down. It’s a tense for them. But during in the Quidditch match with a rival team. It was like a World Cup final! The team of Billy and Nick was losing at the first round but when Billy gives a speech with his team about a “little welder girl” who wanted to go to dance school and never gave up. It was really stupid and it was enjoyable. At that point the team started to bond and they almost win the match. That’s where they started to work together, as a team.

The both protagonist played a catch-up in terms of technology, and, of course, the old geezers have a couple of life lessons to teach the young whippersnappers, too. That everybody wins. The movie is all about Google culture. In the movie you’ll see everyone wearing colored beanies, and “Noogle” T-shirts, riding colorful Google bikes around the campus, and taking the Google shuttle bus into town.

The interns competed in different challenge, which includes coding, answering helpline calls, and locating bugs. Well, Google is both a successful company and a mystical entity that makes the world a better place. Imagine that, the food in Google is free; there are “nap pods” where a person can rest, and there is a gigantic slide between floors. It’s one of the amazing companies out there.

Well, in my opinion. Billy and Nick are puzzled by their experience at Google, and they have encountered different challenges. They’re only in their forties but they’re already being treated as old and irrelevant; it’s a new experience, one they are not yet used to. Both Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn played their part beautifully. It’s no surprise that both of them have such entertaining chemistry onscreen. In 2005, we saw them in the movie “The Wedding Crashers”, a movie which went a hit. What surprise me is that it has taken so long to see them again together. Well, we know these two were set to work cranking out comedies as an established duo, beloved by the audience. But due to today’s more individualistic, independent industry, it has taken Wilson and Vaughn nine years to get together again. Well, it’s good to see them.