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Did you made your own image? Amazing! 🙂 I like this article!

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I’m a big Transformers fan. Since childhood I’ve been drooling to own an army of Autobots. Their appearance in the “cartoon” series are way different than that of the Michael Bay’s film (don’t get me wrong, this is not a movie review).Then came new character faces. Sam Witwicky as portrayed by Shia Labeouf. He really got me curious on why he disappeared on the 4th Transformer sequence. And so here goes my first celebrity-related blog. This was published last July. It may be outdated but you might still want to know something about Shia if you’re a fan. Plus I’m impressed how the infographics team vectorized this image so I want to share it here as well.

shia transformers

News about Shia Labeouf has been spreading lately and every reports pertaining to him does not enhance his integrity as a public figure. This is for the reason that he is undergoing alcohol addiction…

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